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If you consider yourself an entrepreneur and are looking for a new business venture, you may want to think about starting a business related to senior living. There are a number of businesses and services that seniors rely on for quality medical care and to maintain their quality of life. From assisted living to transportation, there are a variety of business ideas that you could consider. Start off by taking a look at these top 5 businesses for senior living.

#1 – Senior Transportation Business

Senior transportation involves the transporting of seniors that can no longer drive. This could include transporting seniors from their home or senior living facility to their doctor’s offices or the hospital. You may also transport seniors to the store, pharmacy, or even in the homes of their family members.

If you are considering starting a senior transportation business, remember that you are offering a service that they may likely be able to get from a local community center or senior living facility. In order to provide a superior service, you need to make sure that you offer something more than the community center could provide.

Give the rides a personal touch. Engage in conversation with the seniors and go out of your way to assist them – such as greeting them at the door, instead of waiting in the driver’s seat.

#2 – Business Facility

Setting up an assisted living facility requires a lot of hard work, devotion, and dedication. There are a lot of legal aspects of running an assisted living business, including making sure that everyone under your care is receiving proper treatment and all of the features and amenities that they require.

When setting up a facility, check with all local regulations and laws concerning the care of seniors. You may need to provide on-site medical care and ensure the living conditions of your facility meet the requirements of your state. One of the most important elements of the facility is being able to dine in a warm place. 

#3 – Senior Concierge Business

A senior concierge is a very broad service that can include a lot of smaller services. This can include running errands for the elderly, such as picking up food from the grocery store, taking care of laundry, and picking up their prescriptions from the pharmacy. Basically, any task or chore that could increase the quality of life for a senior is something that your senior concierge business may include.

#4 – Senior Day Care

Senior day care provides an alternative to business facilities. Instead of having to move to a facility, the senior can remain at home and have a person spend the day with them. As a senior reaches the point where they face difficulties in their daily lives, some family members are hesitant about moving them to an assisted living facility.

The basic idea of senior day care is to provide the person currently caring for the senior with some relief. One of the benefits of senior day care, is that the senior gets to socialize with another individual. As part of a senior day care service, your job, or the job of your employees, is to ensure the senior receives medications on time and enjoys all the comforts of regular living – without having to move to an assisted living facility. Of course, your facility needs to look clean from the inside and out. So you can always hire a cleaner, based in Atlanta like http://www.weebcocarpet-cleaning.com.

#5 – Senior Technical Training

A growing number of seniors are showing an interest in using the latest technologies. There are many benefits to being able to use technology in their everyday life. From using the home computer to stay connected with family members through Skype to learning how to use a smartphone or tablet to view photos and call people, the technology can seem daunting to many seniors.

If you are looking for a new business idea, these are just a few suggestions that you may consider. Offering services that assist business is a great way to help out your community and support the elderly. Give these business ideas some consideration or explore other ways that you could help seniors in your area.


Grow Your Business

Businessman looking at Innovation plan.Planning your business from the start might lead you to a successful career. The question is – are you ready for the growth of your business? Another thing that you have to ask yourself is if you are able to manage that growth. Sometimes, people can feel overwhelmed – a growing business means more responsibilities and perhaps less time spent with the family. In addition, this may mean that you will have more employees, more than one store or more changes that need to be implemented.

Here is how to properly do it:

Planning is Good

Never underestimate the power of planning. You need to have goals that you can fulfill. This will help you identify the infrastructure, the resources, the systems and the processes that you need to create appropriate growth strategies for your business. Once you do this, you can identify easily which resource is near to reach, which goal will require investment, what are the costs if you pursue a goal and what are the immediate deadlines. While you progress, continuously adapt your planning – it’s easy and it will save you a lot of trouble on the long run.


business-meetingWhen you plan your budget, think also about what could increase your profit. Keep an eye on that money that are destined to growing revenues, and make sure that the plans set out for achieving those goals – long term or short term – are being fulfilled. Also, make sure that you have an account where you keep the money dedicated to finding new investments or new business growth opportunities.




As you surely know, it’s not OK to jump and take any “opportunity” that comes your way. Be selective and choose only those opportunities that will really bring you profit. Make a thorough analysis before deciding on investing on something. In addition, make sure that the opportunity you think is favorable for now, will also be favorable on the long term. Business is not something just for a day – when you plan for the future, consider any possibility and plan accordingly.


This is an important aspect of any business, and every business advisor or consultant will tell you the same thing. This is why you need to have the appropriate software and technology to be able to measure but also maintain the growth of your business. For example, the be able to review the client information, or know things like the conversion rate or the purchasing patterns of clients is very important. Paying attention to technology will help you plan better but also predict better what will happen in the future. And yes, make sure to have a coffee machine available for the workers in the office.


5_small_business_tips_for_2013When you start on your way, you surely think about what is valuable to you. Once the road keeps going and going, you should not forget the beginnings of your journey, and also you should not forget the core values of your business. It’s not a good thing to keep changing them, because it will be confusing both for you and your customers. Everybody will feel the change if you think about different fundamentals for your business, even your employees. Staying true to your values will help you grow the company’s culture – someday your business might be a known brand and you’ll be known for the values you have promoted.


You cannot run a business all by yourself. If it’s a small corner shop, it may be easy to sell different items to your customers, but if you want to start a real business and you want to grow it, then you need help. Find people who love what you do and who share the same passion. Hire them and delegate them some of your activities. A good manager will guide the employees and work along with them. This way, your task will be easier and you can focus on more important things.

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