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Get Results from Your
Business Social Media

Our web-based software helps you set goals, meet objectives, and engage your customers & prospects

Are you on social media, but...don't know what to say? Get our advice

Customer BOOM has designed a web-based software that helps you define your audience and tailor your message to the social channel you're using. With our assistance, you'll learn how to apply your knowledge of your customers to reach your objectives.

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what's your voice?

what's your timing?

Are you spending too much or too little time on your social media? We get your timing right.

Our software helps you fine tune your timing. You'll learn when you should be posting to get maximum exposure on your channels. Optimize your time on social media so you can focus on all your other tasks & responsibilities.

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Now that your social target is in sight...We help you develop an action plan!

A social media strategy without a plan of execution is worthless. Our software helps you examine your resources and costs to develop a plan of action that fits your needs. With our help, you become your own social media expert.

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what's your strategy?

What are the results of our coaching, advice, and assistance?

We've been proving ourselves to our community for years. Here's what they have to say:

When it comes to how property management and social media working together, Customer BOOM is the king. As a fellow professional looking to reach out to property owners and managers, they were able to help me develop a plan of attack within minutes. Their techniques and suggestions are helping me turn prospects into clients.

Doing social media for multiple properties is challenging. I worked with Customer BOOM to figure out how to make it a bit easier and make my time more effective. Their willingness to share knowledge was invaluable and our social channels are better off for it.

The folks at Customer Boom have made taming this wild social beast not only obtainable but manageable by eliminating all the crazy hype and fluff. Helping us develop effective best practices that get to the heart of listening to our customers.

Customer BOOM is a wealth of knowledge about social media strategy for business. They has shared ways to break into Pinterest, knows how to customize Facebook pages in myriad ways and has helped me to shape a unified brand across my social media channels.

Our audience has increase by over 200 followers in a very short time due to Customer BOOM's help streamlining and simplifying our social media. Their creative ability and knowledge of attracting leads with social media is hands down the best.

Working with Customer BOOM was like a crash course in how to get started and after our 45+ minutes on the phone the bottom line is “JUST DO IT!!” They gave me action steps to implement right away and I actually started doing them; because they were well explained and doable.

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Our mission is to help you make social media work for your company. Our software gives you the knowledge and freedom to do great social media work for yourself, but not by yourself.